Implementation of CMMS

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Infraworks knows how to harness the full potential that a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can bring to an organisation.  With countless systems to choose from, it is important the system selected for a business meets its organisational needs at a justifiable price. With our many years’ experience of CMMS software, Infraworks can take you through the entire process of specification, selection and successful implementation.

A properly implemented CMMS will capture valuable information on how your assets have performed, how they have been maintained and how and at what intervals they should be operated to ensure your organisation can continuously improve. 

Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

What to think about

To help you gain the maximum benefit from your CMMS, Infraworks undertakes a business/system analysis with a number of considerations including:

The first step – a strong business case

  • Identify business outcomes, financial and non financial;
  • Develop a suitable budget ;
  • Get management support and;
  • Committed resource allocation.

What is the scope?

  • Should you include a purchasing module?
  • What assets should be included?

Run it as a change management program

  • Identify a champion;
  • Create goals/milestones;
  • Establish quick wins;
  • Communicate progress regularly;
  • Measure uptake.

Consider going mobile, digital and paperless

Establish realistic timeframes

Create simple meaningful reports linked to business outcomes

Develop and track key performance metrics aligned to the business case

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